#MotivationMonday #1

dragon fruit

Have you ever enjoyed dragon fruit? Eye-catching magenta skin, with a cool white interior riddled with black seeds. Despite its exotic appearance, the dragon fruit, or pitahaya, is very mellow to the taste buds, yet infused with countless vitamins to nourish the body.

Did you know the dragon fruit’s flower only blooms at night? Dedicated watering and sunlight are necessary for the cacti to thrive, but the real blossoming only occurs when the rest of the world is preforming their own nightly rituals. And even after the flower blooms, it still takes weeks to produce the tasty fruit.

Maybe we aren’t so different from the dragon fruit after all. Focused on nourishing ourselves daily, where we really reflect on the manifestations of our progress is in the wee evening hours. We begin to open our eyes to our daily patterns and how they effect the quality of our fruit. We dream of a beautiful white and pale-yellow flower, which modestly blooms when most aren’t watching. Only once our fruit is picked from the vine and laid out on the table do our houseguests truly appreciate its beautiful qualities, and desire to know how we cultivated such a thing.

While the harvest may be long, and some seasons may produce juicier or more vibrant fruit, we know that if we continue to follow our daily watering and sunlight, we too have the potential to nourish others. #MotivationMonday #SkyeandStar

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